What impact mill stand fineness reason?


Vertical roller mill is an important equipment, which is used to grinding slag, various ores, coal, limestone and other materials. How to improve the fineness of grinding has been the topic of interest to the user, but also manufacturers a topic of concern, the fineness of the problem to be solved, we must first fully understand the factors affecting the grinding fineness. Generally, a lot of this factor.

vertical roller mill

After an investigation found that the main reason for the impact milling fineness classified into the following categories:

First: Li wear mill grader blade. After the blade wear, reduce the amount of sand back, causing the grinding fineness thicker. In addition, if the blades wear severe, life will affect grader, so the user promptly check the blades for wear at work, the timely replacement of worn blades.

Second: grader openings. Under grader opening low, relatively large ore precipitation area, so back to the amount of sand will be large, relatively fine grinding fineness; under grader opening large, back the amount of sand will be large, relatively fine grinding fineness; the grader opening lower , grinding fineness relatively thinner; grader on opening large grinding fineness relatively thinner.

Third: the broken particle size also have a great impact. In production, require finer granularity broken the better, because the size of gravel feed mill determines whether the waste and power multiplication problems.

Fourth: ore hardness. Various ores, its hardness is not the same. In production, can be reasonable with mine, the ore as possible uniform size, bulk, powdered ore ratio is reasonable stable. Ore uneven, causing the production of unstable compared to the mining equipment idle; to mine more easily blocking material.

Fifth: vertical roller mill air volume impact. Large size wind thicken; small size wind tapers. Of course, there are some factors that may affect the product fineness, namely grid mesh sieve, to the ore size, vertical mill type, number of balls, ball size ratio, vertical mill speed, classifier speed, grading machine spindle lifting height, classifier overflow weir height and other factors, they are opposites flour mill machine fineness have a certain impact.